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Continued sustainability of African businesses

IDF Capital was established on 01 March 2008, to exploit the opportunity of profitably investing in the entrepreneurial SME landscape by providing appropriate financial and non-financial products and support to unlock the value of the SME sector.

IDF Capital aspires to be more than just another African business. It is our goal to become catalysts of economic growth across Africa by supporting people on their entrepreneurial journey. Our bespoke service offering gives entrepreneurs the boost they need to grow operationally

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IDF Capital understands entrepreneurship and how tough, yet exciting it is. Starting and sustaining a business requires a special skill-set and support of people in the know. With over 50 years combined experience in the African entrepreneurial landscape and financial services industry, our collaborative approach to supporting entrepreneurs has made us a trusted name.


Africa is abundant with opportunities not only for high-growth businesses but also for the institutions who invest in them. At IDF Capital we believe investing in the entrepreneurial space requires a professional, smart and strategic approach. We understand entrepreneurs and have the expertise to ensure above-average rates of return on all our investments in an exciting and dynamic market.


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