We offer a collaborative and bespoke approach to funding, advisory and investing solutions.

Africa is abundant with opportunities not only for high-growth businesses but also for the institutions who invest in them. At IDF Capital we believe investing in the entrepreneurial space requires a professional, smart and strategic approach. We understand entrepreneurs and have the expertise to ensure above-average rates of return on all our investments in an exciting and dynamic market.

IDF Capital will partner with investors through our entrepreneur fund management platform, as well as with a back-office service which offers a range of additional financial services together with ensuring compliance to South Africa’s numerous regulatory requirements, including BEE scorecard compliance, social and development impact, innovative financial solutions, proper deal sourcing and post investment value added services (PIVAS).

We achieve this through a range of products and services we offer, including:

  • ESD Advisory Services
  • Commercialising ESD Initiatives
  • Supply Chain Analysis and Linkages
  • Business Process Assessment and Re-engineering
  • Project Viability Diagnostic
  • Transaction Structuring
  • Due Diligence Services
  • Company Valuations